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*Clearance* Annie Marie Padorie One-Size Bamboo Inserts

Products » Inserts, Doublers and Liners » *Clearance* Annie Marie Padorie One-Size Bamboo Inserts

  Price: $6.00 CAD

Regular Price : 8.00$

AMP One-Size Bamboo inserts are so trim and yet so very absorbent!

Fold them one for four layers in a size large AI2, Duo or original pocket diaper or fold in three in the size smalls.

These are so trim you can easily double them up for a heavy wetting baby all night solution.

Why are these inserts so great?

* Super soft and silky
* Very breathable
* Anti-bacterial
* Absorbs 3 to 4 times more than cotton
* Doesn't feel sticky or uncomfortable when wet


Made of 70% Rayon derived from bamboo, 30% Cotton.
Fits in various pockets diapers or lay them in a cover or use them as a doubler in a AIO

We do not suggest using a snappy or pins on these since the fabric is more delicate than hemp, however they can be layed inside of a diaper wrap just like a pre-fold.
Your baby will love you for it!
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