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*Clearance* Happy Heinys One-Size Pocket Diaper (*velcro or snaps)

Products » Pocket Diapers » *Clearance* Happy Heinys One-Size Pocket Diaper (*velcro or snaps)

  Price: $12.00 CAD

Regular Price : 22.95$

Award Winning Happy Heinys One Size Diaper!

Happy Heinys One Size diapers are designed with the same quality and luxuriousness of the Happy Heinys Pocket Diapers only they are made to fit baby from birth to potty training. An investment that will save you money throughout your diapering time.

These one size diapers also come with 2 micro fiber inserts. One small and one large insert. You may use either 1 insert or both or more as needed depending on how heavy your little one wets. Happy Heinys hemp stuffins also fit well into the one size diapers.


Custom milled fleece
Total of 4 snaps on the front. This will give you a total of 4 different sizes for your diaper.
Fits most babies from about 8 lbs- 35 lbs.
Includes two microfiber inserts (1 small and 1 med-large)
*Available with snaps or velcro closure

   Choice of snaps or velcro closure

One Size diapers are available in various solid colors and several different prints*. Prints are unique and designed by the company for use only on Happy Heinys products. Prints for the one size diapers are made out of the same high quality fabrics than the solid colors are made out of. These fabrics have been tested to last up to 12 hours at night for most babies.

*Glow in the Dark prints guaranteed for 30 washes (30 days). Some detergents that specialize in completely removing residue may remove glow & voids 30 wash warranty.


Your baby will love you for it!
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